Physiotherapy is the widely accepted allied health profession for the treatment of a wide range of health problems. Physiotherapy is recommended for the treatment of injuries involving muscles, joints, bones and other soft tissue injuries. It is also used in cases of circulatory, respiratory and neurological conditions, illness and disease. Physiotherapy is also highly recommended for victims of work related and motor vehicle accidents. The role of Physiotherapy in your lifestyle is to provide information on the prevention and functional improvement of your body’s physical performance through prevention, pain management and treatment from physical limitations and injury meanwhile promoting fitness, health and wellness. The heart of the physiotherapy profession is the understanding of how and why movement and function take place. The physiotherapist performs these tasks using hands-on Manual Therapy, exercise therapy and mechanical techniques in partnership with you, your doctor or other allied health professionals involved in the treatment. They assess, treat and educate patients from babies to the elderly. They develop an individualized plan for your recovery based on evidence and scientifically tested techniques to help treat the condition, ailment or injury that is limiting your ability to participate in sport, perform your job or limits your daily tasks.
Marc-Antoine Grenier
Anastasia Ziavras
Eliane Legault
Saïd Ait Hocine
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Osteopathy is a manual approach whose objective is to restore the functionality of the tissues of the human body in order to optimize its self-regulation capacity. This practice is based on in-depth knowledge of the health sciences and interactions specific to the balance of the body. It considers the body as a whole. Using fine and precise palpation, through a complete and comprehensive osteopathic assessment, the osteopath makes it possible to investigate the cause of one’s restrictions of mobility. Each osteopathic treatment is specific and individualized. The goal is to promote overall health and well-being through improved mobility. The osteopathic approach is complementary to conventional approaches
Gabrielle Pepin-Péloquin
Marie-Michèle Busque
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Massage Therapy is one of the oldest forms of therapeutic treatments as it dates back several centuries. The benefits of massage therapy are many and can help people with a variety of ailments, injuries and illnesses. Seen by many as a relaxation tool to relieve stress, it is also an integral part of most rehabilitation programs for the treatment of chronic conditions, low back pain, swelling and much more
Andrée-Anne Lemieux
Julie Lauzon
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The role of the occupational therapist is to help a person into maintaining their autonomy in their living environment, either during the performance of activities of daily and domestic life, work and / or leisure taking into account the factors psychosocial and environmental present. The occupational therapist will assess your condition in order to establish, in partnership with you, the objectives that are important to you to achieve and will suggest an intervention plan to try to get there. Whether it is to resume your daily walk after supper, your regular tasks at work, your weekly round of golf or to be able to do your housework at home safely and independently, one of our occupational therapists, all members in good standing of the Ordre des Ergothérapeutes du Québec, will welcome you with professionalism and work in partnership with you. The occupational therapist can work with people whose autonomy is affected by physical or mental health problems. The occupational therapist can work with people of all age groups
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