Physiotherapy / Athletic Therapy

While Physiotherapy and Athletic Therapy are two distinct professional designation, there is very little difference with regard to quality of treatment at Kinetic Energy. With a patient centered focus, our therapists are well versed in orthopaedic and musculoskeletal injury assessment and rehabilitation techniques. Deciding which is right for you might just depend on what kind of insurance coverage you have. Both professions have a focus on prevention of injury, proper assessments, acute and chronic injury management, as well as maintaining a high standard of professional responsibility. Physician referrals are not required to receive assessment by a physiotherapist or athletic therapist.
Ryan Emberley
Blake Chalmers
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Registered Massage Therapy

Our team works at restoring function and decreasing pain and muscular tension in our clients. Our clinic is not relaxation focused, although we are capable of providing relaxing treatments if requested. Our main treatment focus is therapeutic massage, rehabilitation, deep tissue, preventative therapies, general muscular maintenance and sport massage. You are welcome to stick with one therapist, or book with who ever fits your schedule best. ICBC also recognizes the benefit and we can now directly bill ICBC for you if you have an active claim.
Bryson Drinovz
Elaine Topolnisky
Amanda Hart-Evans
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Registered Acupuncture / Traditional Chinese Medicine

Our Registered Acupuncture appointments are like no-other! Kal earned his certification as a Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioner, then continued his studies with a Registered Massage Therapy course. After studying in BC, Kal traveled to Korea and China to study Oriental Medicine and obtained clinical practice. During each appointments, Kal stays present in the treatment room at all times and stays engaged with his patients. He may perform a variety of technqiues such as application of acupuncture needles, therapeutic massage, guasha, cupping, moxibustion treatment, thermal therapy treatment, and electric stimulation treatment according to the patients situation. While all techniques have roots in traditional Chinese medicine, they are now practiced throughout the world and can be claimed on your extended health coverage. ICBC also recognizes the benefit and we can directly bill for you.
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Wellness Massage: $75 for 60 Minutes

Booking a wellness massage is comparable quality to seeing an RMT- yet at a fraction of the price! Our wellness massage providers are trained in therapeutic technique, deep tissue massage, relaxation massage, pre-natal massage and sport massage. Wellness Massage is a great option for those who don't have extended coverage but still carry a high expectation on treatment, or those who can't get in to see an RMT in a timely manner. You can not use your extended health benefits for a wellness massage. 60 minutes = $75 + gst
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Our chiropractor primarily adjusts the traditional way, although he stays up-to-date on modern technology. He uses a variety of techniques in his practice, such as the use of a drop table and an arthrostim device which delivers repetitive low force thrusts to the spine. When indicated he may suggest shockwave therapy as part of the treatment plan. If you do not see a desired time that works for you, please call reception at 250-828-6637 and we will see try to fit you in.
Roy Rodriques
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