Acupuncturists who received their formation in Quebec completed a collegial degree in acupuncture delivered by Collège Rosemont. In order to practice they must be registered members of l’Ordre des Acupuncteurs du Québec. An acupuncture treatment is constituted of implantation and manipulation of very fine needles in precise areas called acupuncture points. The acupuncturist can also use heat, manual pressure, electrotherapeutic current or infra-red light during the treatment. Such conditions as rheumatoid arthritis, headache/migraine, post-surgical pain, low back pain, tendinitis etc. can be treated by our acupuncturists at Physio Multiservices.
Elizabeth Segura
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Massage therapy

Massage therapy is manual manipulation of soft body tissues (muscle, connective tissue, tendons and ligaments) to enhance a person’s health and well-being. There are dozens of types of massage therapy methods (also called modalities). People seek massage therapy for a variety of reasons – to reduce stress and anxiety, relax muscles, rehabilitate injuries, reduce pain, and promote overall health and wellness. From NorthWestern Health Science University
Jean-Pierre Légaré
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‘’The osteopath applies precise techniques of manual adjustment to restore optimal functioning to bones, muscles, fascia, nerves and organs. Once balance has been achieved within the organism, the patient’s symptoms are relieved. Preventative as well as curative, it is suited to all age groups. Should it become necessary, the osteopath will never hesitate to refer a patient to another health professional.’’ (From Ostéopathie Québec web site)
Marjorie Monette
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At Physio Multiservices, our physiotherapy professionals are concerned with preventing, diagnosing, treating and rehabilitating impairments and disabilities that affect muscles, joints, bones as well as the nervous system such as sprains, tendinitis, herniated discs, post surgical rehab or post- immobilization rehab etc. We help patients who were injured at work (CNESST), in a motor vehicle accident (SAAQ), at home, playing their favorite sport, after a surgery etc. In Quebec, they are 2 professionals that are recognized to work in the physiotherapy field: the physiotherapist/physical therapist (pht) and the physical rehabilitation therapist (trp). The physiotherapist must have completed a Master of Science in physiotherapy in a recognized university. The physical rehabilitation therapist (trp) must have completed a CEGEP degree in Physical therapy techniques. Both need to be active members of L’Ordre professionnel de la physiothérapie du Québec (OPPQ) in order to practice. Depending on their level of responsability, the physiotherapist and the physical rehabilitation therapist share activities reserved for OPPQ members. For example, only the physiotherapist is allowed to provide a physiotherapy diagnosis and consult directly with the public without the need for a medical referral. At Physio Multiservices, you will find those 2 physiotherapy professionals working hand in hand to help their patients regain maximal physical capacity. FOR VERTIGO- JAW (TMA) - RUNNING ANALYSIS, PLEASE CONTACT US AT 450-486-1131
Olivier Robidoux
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In Quebec, chiropractors earn their doctoral degree in chiropractic after five years of university training. In order to practice, the chiropractor must be a member of l’Ordre professionnel des chiropraticiens du Québec. The chiropractor is a health professional dedicated to prevention, diagnosis and treatment of conditions coming from both the nervous system and musculoskeletal system with specific attention to their relationship with the vertebral column. Suffering from a back sprain, a neck, shoulder, hip or knee injury etc.? The chiropractor can help you recover. Our chiropractor treats patients of all ages, do not hesitate to consult in chiropractic at Physio Multiservices!
Alexandre Beaulieu
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Occupationnal Therapy

The occupational therapist must have completed a Master of Science in occupational therapy in a recognized university and be registered as a valid member of L’Ordre des Ergothérapeutes du Québec. At Physio Multiservices, occupational therapists assess the outcomes of a physical (lumbar sprain, shoulder tendinitis, knee surgery etc.) and/or mental (depression, post-traumatic stress syndrome, burnout etc.) issue on their patient’s function. etc. They also look at the level of autonomy of their patients in activities such as work, hygiene, dressing, cooking etc. Then, the occupational therapist will elaborate a treatment plan aiming to improve autonomy and/or capacities of the patient. It is through functional activities reproducing daily living and/or work situations that the occupational therapist will work in collaboration with the patient to reach his goals. At Physio Multiservices, our occupational therapists can successfully assess and treat patients who suffered a work accident (CNESST), a motor vehicle accident (SAAQ), an injury at home and patients who had surgery etc. We also provide on site services of an occupational therapist for workplace or home assessment.
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