Massage Therapy is one of the oldest forms of therapeutic treatments as it dates back several centuries. The benefits of massage therapy are many and can help people with a variety of ailments, injuries and illnesses. Seen by many as a relaxation tool to relieve stress, it is also an integral part of most rehabilitation programs for the treatment of chronic conditions, low back pain, swelling and much more. Many specific expertises are offered to meet your needs: - Swedish Therapeutic Massage - Masso-kinesitherapy - Sports Massage - Integrated Fasciatherapy - Deep Tissue - Lomi Lomi - Biocorporeal - Periarticular Work - Myofascial Stretching - Shiatsu - Pregnancy massage. Our massage therapists will establish a personalized treatment program according to your specific objectives.
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Manual therapy is an approach used by physiotherapists for the assessment and treatment of orthopedic conditions and certain neurological conditions. A clinical diagnosis is retained considering the history, the visual observation of the patient and a manual examination of the region involved. X-rays are not necessary for the diagnosis of conditions that can be treated with manual therapy, but should this prove necessary, your physiotherapist will contact your doctor for radiology examinations. Orthopedic conditions are often characterized by a loss of mobility and range of motion. These limitations can cause changes in posture and gait, discomfort, pain, and possibly loss of function.
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