Physiotherapy focuses on rehabilitating and strengthening the muscles and joints in your body and returning you to full function and movement. Whether you're recovering from an injury, or simply want to get stronger and fitter, physiotherapy provides improved flexibility and increased muscle strength to get your body back in action. How can Physiotherapy help you? - Rehabilitates injuries - Increases muscle strength - Improves flexibility/range of motion - Reduces muscle fatigue, soreness, tightness - Improves overall body function - Improves cardiorespiratory function
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Occupational Therapy and Certified Hand Therapy

Certified Hand Therapy An OT who is a Certified Hand Therapist will evaluate and identify any musculoskeletal problem relative to the upper extremities. She can effectively treat and rehabilitate patients requiring postoperative treatment, return to work protocols as well as industry consultation. In addition to manual treatment techniques and the use of modalities, an OT Certified Hand Therapist is also able to provide your patients with custom splints. These special services include quality leather working splints, cosmetic prostheses assessment and referrals as well as pressure garment measurement and fitting. Most of these custom splints are covered with a doctor's referral under extended health plans. Many upper extremity and hand problems require a specialized approach to achieve optimal results. In particular, post traumatic and post-surgery conditions require specific custom splinting (orthosis) and therapy management.
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