Action Sport Physio - Physiotherapy

Physiotherapy is a health care field that treats and prevents disorders in human movement caused by injury and disease. It helps the individuals who have problems affecting the musculo-skeletal system to find a functional level. Our physiotherapists use various techniques to treat you such as manual therapy, sport therapy and progress by exercises, the McKenzie approach, electrotherapy, an evaluation followed by a Cybex/Biodex isokinetic session, hydrotherapy (whirlpool bath), Muscle Activation Technique, etc. Our patients can expect to improve their balance, stamina, force and coordination, which will help them to remain active in their daily life.
Tantely Frizzero
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Action Sport Physio - Perineal re-education

Perineal re-education is one of the numerous fields of practice in physiotherapy. When faced with a dysfunction of the uro-genital system, it aims at improving pelvic floor strength, bladder control, diminishing chronic pain, etc. The muscles of the pelvic floor have various functions such as supporting the abdominal organs, controlling urinary and anal sphincters and enhancing sexual pleasure. The majority of these muscles are skeletal; this means that you have the capability of controlling them voluntarily and that they can be trained, just like the muscles of the arms and legs. It is also possible to regain control over your bladder by changing some habits and initiating a specific training program.
Marion Champagne
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More than a period of relaxation, the massage therapy helps diminish physical problems caused by stress, back pain, loss of energy, insomnia, etc.
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Occupational Therapy

Occupational therapy is a type of therapy treated through activity. This service is offered to people for whom daily functions and activities are disrupted by an orthopedic injury or a physical disorder. Occupational therapists evaluates the physical limitations of the injury or disorder, as well as the psycho-social and environmental factors that may play in to the patients daily functioning. Their main objective is to help the patient reach a healthy, a satisfying and an independent lifestyle in their daily activities, as well as at work.
Gennaro Maietta
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The kinesiologist is a health professional specializing in physical activity. It uses movement for preventive treatment and to improve performance. The kinesiologist is able to assess your physical condition and offer optimal training for your condition.
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